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Cross with Love

Talkin’ to Katy

You Should See Her Smile

Diverted (Web Lifestyle)


I have several great guitars:

Martin D281975 Martin D-28: I bought this while I was in the Coast Guard from Guitar Center in San Francisco. While I thought I had enough money, I didn’t count on the taxes and ended up hitchhiking back to the ship, but I had a Martin and that’s what mattered.

AY DY76 12197? Alvarez-Yairi DY76 12-String: I found this on consignment at Manfred Trautman’s fine instrument repair shop in New Orleans sometime in the early 80’s. It had the best tone of any 12-string I had played and I had to have it. So, once again, I spent all my spare cash for a guitar. It is an amazing 12-string with a excellent neck. It stays in tune and has a balanced tone that sounds outstanding whether I am strumming or fingerpicking.

Martin 000-28EC1997 Martin 000-28 EC: This was a special order from Martin because I wanted the tabacco sunburst finish. This is a beautiful guitar that is balanced and easy to play. When I took it to get set up shortly after I bought it the technician said, “new guitars aren’t supposed to sound this good.” ‘ – nuff said.

Taylor NS742002 Taylor ES74: A nylon-string acoustic guitar as opposed to a true classical guitar. It’s great for playing Beatles’ ballads (like I Love Her, Long and Winding Road) and some James Taylor songs (Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight in particular). It has a red western cedar top and rosewood sides and back.

2013 Taylor GS8 12-String: This is my primary 12-string these days. It has a great balanced sound and, with the K&K pickup, sounds great whether it’s mic’d or plugged in. I’ll post a picture soon.